I'm absolutely delighted to announce the release of TOXIC - my first single with Redtenbacher’s Funkestra!

Strudel Funkateers meet bushy-tailed soulstress, funkifying this pop classic by Britney Spears. The single 'Toxic' is a funkified, 'out-of-the-box' re-imagination of the classic pop song.

To listen to the track - choose your favourite service right here: ⤵️⤵️⤵️


In 2017, newly in-town, I was introduced to well-established London based instrumental Jazz Funk band, the Redtenbacher's Funkestra. We teamed up, playing regular live shows down at the 606 Club, Chelsea and the last year has been a blast! Our pairing has been so well received, of course it only felt right to record together - creating a re-imagination, spun on its head.

A sassy "HELLO?!” from us to you! And BOOM - ** MONDAY 21ST MAY 2018 ** marks an exciting day! 🎈

** SINGLE #1 - TOXIC **

Hearing the finished mix, I’m pretty excited - I feel it brings the party.


Every one knows Britney Spears right?! I think everyone wanted to be Britney growing up - in my school time anyway. ‘I'm a Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman’, ‘Slave for you’, ‘Gimme More’ etc etc etc.

Britney was sassy, cool and very pretty. A friend from school had all her albums - I’d go round hers once a week and we’d listen to them and make up dance routines!? Oh, those were the days. 😆 


The recording process was a blast at Masterlink Studios with James Welch. Feeling the vibe and groove by recording the rhythm section and vocals live - bliss! This is what we sound like, truly - Come see us live! Everyone sounds amazing. Overdubs were recorded at the fabulous 'Funkhaus'.

Here are the funky funkateers:

Stefan Redtenbacher - bass

Mike Sturgis - drums

Eran Kendler - guitar

Rob Taggart - keys

Karl Vanden Bossche - percussion

Sid Gauld - trumpet

Simon Allen - saxophone (tenor, baritone)

Nichol Thomson - trombone


Like what you hear/see? Want more? Wanna see us live?!


Upcoming live shows


Please share and tells us what you think.

I hope it brightens and funks up your week!

Lots of love, HM + Redtenbacher's Funkestra xx


Produced by Stefan Redtenbacher | Horn arrangements by Stefan Redtenbacher | Band recording by James Welsh at Masterlink Studios. Overdubs by Stefan Redtenbacher at the ‘Funkhaus’ | Mixed & Mastered by Rupert Christie  | Cover photo by Rob Blackham (Blackham Images) | Cover Art by Neil Hart | Hair + Make Up - Emelia Corfe

‘Toxic’ written by Henrik Jonback, Pontus Winnberg, Christian Karlsson, Cathy Dennis; published by BMG Gold Songs obo Murlyn Songs AB, EMI Blackwood Music Inc obo EMI Music Publishing Ltd